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14 Feb 2018 15:53

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Click on the link beneath to hear Brian inform Dave about 100 Yards From Property. Click on the hyperlink below to hear Dave speak with Airplay's enterprise columnist Phil DeMont about who is drinking beer now, and exactly where. Some of the largest names in figure skating are in Kelowna for Skate Canada International this week. Two-time Olympic silver medalist and eight time national champion Brian Orser is now a coach. Rebecca spoke with him at a Tofino, an enclave on the western edge of Vancouver Island in Canada, has lengthy been a draw for its spectacular setting between the Pacific Ocean, with its surfer-magnet waves, and the Pacific Rim National Park Reserve. Now, the growing quantity of restaurants is one more purpose to check out this British Columbia district, with a population of much less than 1,900. The thriving culinary scene right here is led by transplants who have just Click the next webpage been attracted to the area's idyllic surroundings and easygoing way of life.DUPONT, Wash. But undesirable weather left him so idle that he usually worked just three hours a day — far significantly less than the 40 hours a week he said he had been promised below Canada's system for short-term farmworkers. While he waited to go to the fields, he discovered himself crammed with 34 other laborers into a modest house where rain leaked onto their beds.The federal government released a report on tanker security these days. The province has already expressed its concern about the capacity to clean up in the case of a spill. Rebecca spoke with BC Environment Minister Mary Polak for her reaction. Click on the link below to hear Dave speak with Michael Cleland, the former president of the Canadian Gas Association, about the study.Make close friends there. Even if you already have relatives waiting for you in Canada, it is sensible to begin generating pals either prior to you move or as soon as you arrive. Obtaining individuals you can talk to will aid you reduce culture shock and homesickness.DUPONT, Wash. Leaving Union station, the train passes the city's most renowned symbol, the CN Tower, which was the world's tallest structure when completed in 1976. There's a monument to the Chinese workers who helped to build the Canadian Pacific Railway, fulfilling a guarantee to British Columbia that a transcontinental railway would be constructed if BC joined the Canadian Confederation. Though the Canadian train leaves Toronto on CPR tracks, for most of the journey it travels over the much more northerly transcontinental route of CPR's rival, Canadian National Railways (CNR).If you have any thoughts regarding wherever and how to use visit my web site (, you can speak to us at the page. The suit Galbraith wore was dark, and we know it was his only suit simply because one of the several outlandish concerns he put to witnesses during the monthlong trial was this: Do you think that this suit is the only suit I own and that I bought it in 1997? Do you think that?" He worked into the exact same rambling cross-examination the fact that he was now homeless," staying in a friend's 16-square-foot cabin in the remote bush of far northern Ontario" — a detail that, like his only suit, he felt undermined the concept that he could have stolen cash from hundreds of folks. Two days later, he talked about to one more witness that the cabin had no indoor toilet.A handful of days later, right after Mum's private funeral Mass, Pup and I busied ourselves one particular afternoon by going via her papers. She lost all interest in deskwork during the six or seven months of her invalidity. We identified unpaid grocery bills, credit-card bills, undistributed money for staff Christmas guidelines uncashed checks unopened letters, which includes, I saw to my disconcertment, a quantity from me. This was neither carelessness nor any failure of affection on her component, but rather worry, and realizing it made me wince in self-rebuke.Today marks a single year since a landslide roared down the Purcell Mountains, burying the modest neighborhood of Johnsons Landing. That slide killed four individuals. It also destroyed the property of Jillian Madill and her husband. Rebecca spoke to Jillian to locate out far more.Boasting dramatic mountain scenery and a lively après scene, Whistler, on the west coast of Canada in British Columbia, is much a lot more European in flavour than most North American resorts. Twenty years ago, it was more of a locals mountain than the best international resort it is now. But even even though it's grown, what made it so special then - sniffle stations, Belgian waffles on the mountain, pitchers of margaritas in resort and the sort of powder that makes you sing with joy - remain.Basketball fever has hit BC. The boys Triple A Championship got underway these days in Langley. Four BC interior teams are at that tournament. But last weekend, it was the girls turn. The South Kamloops Titans walked away with the Triple A Girls Basketball championship. Rebecca spoke with Ken Olynyk is the coach of that group.I had higher hopes for AutoSlash The totally free web site , which has been about considering that 2010, enables you to input your rental automobile confirmation code. It then constantly mines reservation channels for greater deals on comparable rentals, alerting customers via email anytime a single becomes offered. Rates are fluctuating all the time, especially in the last two weeks prior to you pick up the automobile," mentioned Jonathan Weinberg, AutoSlash founder and chief executive. So it really is worth checking each handful of days or, of course, we can do the legwork for you." (In the previous, AutoSlash would even automatically rebook reservations, a feature it dropped under apparent pressure from car rental organizations.) I plugged in my original Enterprise reservation code, clicked the track button and crossed my fingers.

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